Chicago Theater Beat Review: The Drunken City

"Playwright Bock has his finger on the pulse of this type of woman: young but not ridiculously so, professional but not fully career-focused, in search of a better-looking-than-average Joe to make all her dreams come true. According to the program, director DiResta expressed distaste for screaming drunk women. Bock’s reply – “you wouldn’t hate them if they were your best friend” – speaks volumes and shines through every moment of The Drunken City, from the shockingly precise portrayal of inebriation to the clumsy attempts at figuring out a relationship without the other person present. Bock’s stellar characterization and DiResta’s thoughtful staging go hand in hand, creating a world that’s at once terribly intimate and widely universal. Stephanie Cluggish’s simple costume design, Yu Shibagaki’s concrete slab-based set and Rebecca Barrett’s glass bulbs of light evoke the urban jungle through the eyes of suburbanites: terrifying in its limitlessness. One early sequence goes on a bit too long, and there’s a musical number that’s completely out of place, but small hiccups aside, the production’s nearly flawless."