Penelope and Dr. Kahn (Jessica Ervin and Meighan Gerachis)
 Aurora Real de Asua, Jessica Ervin, and Hannah Toriumi as Lucia, Penelope, and Agatha
 The girls give Dr. Kahn (Meighan Gerachis) a slumber party makeover. 
 After they are all affected by the tic, the previously shunned Penelope joins the cheer squad. 
 Image from the New York Times Magazine of the girls affected in LeRoy, NY.
 Research image for Penelope
 Dr. Kahn and Kathy (Tara Mallen), a mother of one of the affected girls.
 A drunk Mark (Josh Odor) confronts Avery about her theories. 
 research collage for the high school girls
 research collage for Mark, Agatha's father
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