Act 1: Young Joan
Act 1: Harper
Act 2: Joan (Day One)
Act 2: Todd (Day 1)
Act 2: Joan (Day Two)
Act 2: Todd (Day Two)
Act 2: Joan (Day Three)
Act 2: Todd (Day Three)
Act 2: Joan (Day 4)
Act 2: Todd (Day 4)
Act 2: Joan (Day Five)
Act 2: Joan (Coat)
Act 2: Todd (Coat)
The Hat Parade
Act 3: Joan
Act 3: Todd
Act Three: Harper
The Hat Shop
the hat shop
the hat shop: todd up late
Act 3: waiting for joan
Act 1: Harper and Joan
Transition- audience moves to Hat Shop Location
Act 2: Todd and Joan
Joan in the Hat Shop
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